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Bed Bug Treatments

Our trained customer service team will guide you and your tenants through the entire treatment program to assure optimal results. Our user friendly multi-lingual preparation guidelines are available on our pre-recorded hotline and can be downloaded from our website.

We offer several treatment methods to meet your needs.

  • Chemical Treatment
    A combination of chemical and application methods assures the most up to date treatment programs for your properties. During each treatment our bed bug specailsts treat each affected area thoroughly, while monitoring for tenant cooperation, potential changes in conditions or service needs.
  • Thermal Remediation
    This treatment program employs customized equipment that is specifically designed to eradicate bugs through heat.
Here’s how it works:
• A portable generator, placed outside the building, to power high temperature fans in the affected unit (s). Temperatures are slowly raised to over 135 degrees, which is lethal for all pests. This incremental increase attracts bed bugs from cracks, crevices, and wall void areas.

• Technicians monitor the heat treatment and conditions to assure optimal results of the treatment program, while protecting the space and contents of the unit.

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