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Trash Compactors:
Installations, Cleaning and Repairs

What’s lurking in your chutes?
Leave it to Global to clean them out.

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Compactors and chutes are the ideal breeding ground for organic waste material, bacteria, pests and rodents. Global offers full service installations, repairs, sanitation and exterminating services for your compactors and chutes.

Services Include:

  • Trash chutes, chute door and compactor cleaning and sanitizing: Our industry-leading, customized blend of detergents and enzymes ensures long-lasting disintegration of organic materials and elimination of odors.
  • Chute dusting: our high-powered mechanized chute dusting equipment assures a complete treatment to the interior of the chute and compactor with the most effective insecticides available.
  • Chute doors: We repair, maintain, and install all makes and models of chute doors, utilizing the highest quality stainless steel to ensure compliance with all local code requirements.
  • Compactors: Whether you need a replacement unit or have a new construction project, Global can fill your order! We install and customize the highest quality compactor units designed to meet the individual volume needs of your property.
  • Prompt emergency service when your compactor is down, gives you the peace of mind that your property is well taken care of!