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For over twenty years, Global Pest Control has served as a resource for commercial property managers and owners to protect and maintain their property, giving them peace of mind to focus solely on expanding their businesses. With a team of professionals addressing any concern, Global Pest Control is never satisfied until the job is complete.


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Do you know about Local Law #55?

The new law states, “Owners of multiple dwelling(s) will be required to annually inspect units for indoor allergen hazards- including mice, cockroaches, rats, and mold.” To read the full list of regulations, click here: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/hpd/owners/indoor-allergen-hazards.page

Make the PRO- ACTIVE choice! Call us today at 866-399-8200 to learn more about how Global can help you stay up to date with all the current laws.

  • Your technician came to service our property this morning. He was very polite and professional. I followed him to all the units he serviced; excellent worker!

    – David, Board Member

  • Your tech was a gentleman who knew where and how to treat. He was patient and listened when I told him about different pest problems we were experiencing. And most importantly, he spoke both English and Spanish! I would love for him to service this building every month.

    – Apt. 3B Resident

  • I cancelled our present pest control company because they had no telephone manner; it took me two days to set up an appointment! Global Pest Control was pleasant each time I spoke with them on the phone – and did the job speedily and efficiently. This is the type of company we need for our buildings.

    —E.F., Director of Maintenance

  • I want to thank you for the excellent service you provided and continue to provide. Last year one of our managers decided to terminate our contract with you even with my objections to the move. After leaving Global we noticed that while with Global we didn’t have insect or rodent activity, with the new company we did. The manager who made the decision to leave Global is no longer with us and since I signed back on with Global 3 months ago we noticed no rodent and/or insect activity in ANY of our properties. I want to thank Global Pest Control and Ron for taking us back and honoring our old contract and most of all curing the problem that developed after our former manager left Global.

    A very satisfied customer, J.T. Property Manager

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